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Location, location, location

Everyone in the franchise industry wants to open sites faster, and that all comes down to one thing: location. Franchise Realty Partners was created to eliminate the unnecessary pain point of real estate for franchisors, so they don’t have to think about it. Instead, they can focus on what matters most: optimizing their operations, supporting franchisees and selling more units to take their brand to the next level. Today, interest in franchising is on an upward trajectory, and as more emerging franchisors sign new franchisees, the more they need to ensure they have a proven and streamlined real estate process in place. Especially as the commercial real estate market surges all over the country, a qualified team like Franchise Realty Partners can prove to be an invaluable resource for emerging franchisors focused on healthy growth.


Full-Service RealEstate Solutions

Franchise Realty Partners is a full-service commercial real estate company that operates as an internal real estate department for emerging franchisors. With over two decades of collective experience in both franchising and commercial real estate, Franchise Realty Partners offers a turn-key real estate solution to help franchisors with the important aspect of site selection for their franchisees, handle all the communication with brokers, negotiate leases and more. Franchise Realty Partners stands out with a franchisor-focused approach, constant communication, a robust nationwide network of brokers, detailed reports and exceptional customer service.

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“I greatly appreciated how Drew was in constant communication with me during the entire process. He helped me understand the real estate process and terms as I’ve never had a commercial lease before. I feel that Franchise Realty Partners set me up for success.”

-Jessica- Pittsburgh, PA

“Corey at Franchise Realty Partners not only gave me site options but also the resources to confidently make the right decision when choosing a location for my business, thank you.”

-David- Charlotte, NC

Our Clients become family.Period.

We relate to other franchisors because we have a first-hand understanding of the complex process they are going through in navigating franchisees. We also understand the commercial real estate side and can bring the expertise of a massive conglomerate with huge national connections, but still have the communication and relationship-driven approach of a small boutique firm. We give all clients our undivided attention and direct access to each member of our team, with a motto of: “Always pick up the phone!” That level of communication is hard to find in the real estate industry, but we know that the more we understand the client, the faster we can help them achieve their goals.

We love watching our clients grow as their success is our success!

About Us

Our company is simple: the faster we can help franchisors find sites and open stores, the faster they can bring in royalties. When you give everyone the same real, authentic, genuine support they deserve, everyone wins. We achieve this goal by bringing over 20 consecutive years of experience working specifically in the tenant and buyer real estate representation field. If an emerging franchisor is looking to eliminate the unnecessary pain point of real estate once and for all, Franchise Realty Partners is the answer.

Open Faster. Start Earning Faster.



    Drew McWilliams


    Drew is the founder of Franchise Realty Partners and a commercial real estate broker in the Carolinas with over 20 years of real estate experience. Drew and his wife also own a children’s preschool franchise, Ivybrook Academy, which currently has over 60 locations open or under development. After years of operating in both the franchise and real estate space, Drew knows there is a disconnect between what third-party real estate companies offer and what franchisors need. Now, he is passionate about solving companies’ real estate pain points and helping them scale and grow.


If you are an emerging franchisor looking to eliminate the unnecessary pain point of real estate and take your brand to the next level, reach out to learn more about our award-winning brokerage service and start your journey with a valued partner today!